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Displayed in the Galleries below are scarves that have been created in the past few months. While each scarf is a one-of-a-kind, Sofia can come relatively close to duplication if you are interested in purchasing. Contact her for more information.

Water Reflections

Shibori is the ancient Japanese method of embellishing fabric by using shape resist, pleating, stitch resist and/or folding/wrapping and then dyeing.  By using lengths of white silk, wool or linen, Sofia applies these different methods with single or multiple fiber-reactive and/or indigo dyes to achieve designs that reflect the interaction of wind, currents and tides on water.

Light Reflections

Sofia also hand-paints on silk, using different types of dyes, and often over-dyeing with indigo, capturing the complex interaction of different weights of dye, resulting in the play of  light and dark creating abstract landscapes. 

Forest Reflections

Using flowers and leaves from surrounding gardens and forests, Sofia steams these pigments on silk, wool or linen creating detailed leaf and flower images. This technique allows the magic of flowers and nature to be captured in wearable nature.